• Collectorate
  • Dongria Kandha Shawls Chatikona
  • Maa Majhighariani Temple
  • Laxmi Narayan Temple
  • Hanging Bridge, Chekaguda
Public Information
11 Blocks
15 P S
3 A C
Shri Manoj Satyawan Mahajan, IAS
Shri Manoj Satyawan Mahajan, IAS
Collector & District Magistrate
Shri Harisha B.C., IPS
Shri Harisha B.C., IPS
Superintendent of Police

District at a Glance

Rayagada district is known as the most famous region of the state because of its longest human history. Although the district came into existence on the 2nd October 1992. It has long and glorious historical records evident by copper plates, rock inscriptions as well as different coins, which clearly indicate the region was the centre of attraction in all ages. In the third century B.C., during…

Geographic Location

Area : 7073 Sq.Km